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About Melissa . . . Loving nature in every direction

I am often asked where my love of nature came from; I know there was nothing unusual about my childhood: children are born in love with nature. I waited all year for those two weeks at YMCA Camp Lakewood in Potosi, MO, starting in 3rd grade. Camp had everything: nature, humans, and God, or the questions there of—we campers wondered why the world couldn't be more like camp. But, I didn't give up or set aside my love of nature to become an adult; I became an adult with my love for nature intact. There's one story, though, that defined what I would do with that love for the rest of my life.

Oak Trunk We staff welcomed the buses of new campers. A girl of twelve catches my eye as she shoots off the bus toward me. Her clothes in a pillowcase, I guess that she's from a program supporting lower income 7campers. With her hand in front of her mouth, she whispers in my ear.

It's noisy, so I point her toward the bathroom, thinking she said she has to pee. She shakes her head, “No, I've never touched a tree!” A lightening bolt goes through me. I take her shoulders as we walk unceremoniously over to an oak. She hesitates, so I reach out to the rough bark. She touches it and bursts into smiles. Her counselor comes to find her and I say that she's never seen a tree. The girl corrects me: she could see trees from her grandma's apartment, but she'd never touched one.

For years, I focused on the injustice this story points out. I had understood instantly the basic right of all humans to have a direct relationship with nature—the other great aspect of life. And this girl did, too. But, now I know the joy of the story—this girl's longing to have that experience! She gave me the key: the bond with nature is as basic as the bond of love. She gave me a gift to share for a lifetime.

From that moment, I was determined to find the best way to bring and keep people and nature together. There had to be better ways for schools to teach and people to learn—what if school's taught the way people learned? (I read books like Neill's Summerhill starting in 6th grade.) Bringing school and camp together to immerse people in nature turns out to be an unequaled approach to both. arrow to top of page


Melissa A Martin

Doing Earth Business As . . .

Presently, I'm an earth educator and advocate, my outer nature, and a nature artist and author, my inner nature. I, like many of us, understand that this is the time to take humanity further through the transition toward a loving and accountable relationship with nature and each other. And to cheer and inspire ourselves along the way. My business brings nature and people together in ways that work, because together is the only way it will.

My name, Melissa, means “honeybee” in Greek, but, I go by “Missy.” Interesting that my present personal work is all pollinator-focused! I live with family and friends in the Tualatin River watershed of beautiful, green Portland, OR. But, I lived for years in Northern New Mexico, so photos from each are well-represented on this site. The collages are a gift offering.

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It's clear how my direction as an earth educator and advocate stems from the story of the girl and the tree. Many of us love and work (and stand like trees) with the Earth and her people. As an educator, I create immersion experiences for the “love” part. I advocate through projects that impact people toward positive action for the earth and a livable world. That's the “stand and fight” part. Here's what I've learned:

While there's value in sharing my approach, you won't hear about it when we're outside letting loose in nature! arrow to top of page


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