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Grassy Games & Hikes:

Connecting People to Nature and Each Other

Have you exercised your “ecological self” today—the part that's always connected and belongs on the Earth? This relationship isn't an extra that we get to do only when our “real” work is done, it's the recipe for living in today's world, the icing and the cake (savory with mallow flowers, please!). Come, experience this “self” through games and hikes that weave our interdependence together with nature.

Our responsibility to protect the Earth and sustain life should not weigh so heavily upon us that we can't enjoy each other, the Earth, and at least some of the journey. Awakening our senses, remembering our instincts, and having fun are almost acts of courage in today's world. You are invited to allow your care, gentleness, and sense of delight to outweigh the hardness of our times, and become, again, one being among many upon our beautiful planet.

I have collected games since childhood. Engross your group, cajole a class, surround a ceremony, or preoccupy a party with nature! I have a gang of games and hikes to gratify any gathering with warmth, exuberance, and peace. Customized for all settings, from schools, parks, campfires, and spiritual/religious retreats to children's tea parties or adult gatherings, ceremonies, and celebrations. Special pollinator game package on request!

These 1-2 hours to full-day, themed game or walk sequences are as delightful as they are educational. A day full of Missy's specialized games can also serve as a wonderful preparation for The Great Universe Story Pageant.

Please Contact Me for information, questions, and fees. I would love to talk.


We stay together and play together with people of all ages and abilities . . .


Games to play:
  • Systems Game
  • Chimp Walk
  • Caterpillar Tag
  • Los Groupos
  • Great NW Pollinator Puzzle
  • Starry Party Campfire
Original and adapted games and hikes
Or hikes to hike:
  • Instinct
  • World Walk
  • Serious Hike for the Saintly
  • Quiet Nights
  • Yard Long Pollinator Hike
  • Nature Honor Tea Ceremony


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