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The Great Universe Story Pageant:

Celebrating Life from Big Bang to Big Foot (Print)

Why is it dark at night? When were you really born? And, what is this place called Earth? Seeking answers to questions such as these takes us beyond the usual to connect directly to the mystery of being alive and a part of life in our universe. People from every culture in all times made stories to answer the questions of how everthing came to be, a way to stay connected to each other and the Earth. We are now living a new story as a world culture. But, what is it?

A gong moves elders out from center; a match bursts the cosmos into light and particles emerge; hula-hoops spin in solar system formation. Entertaining, YES. But, this is not only a performance you watch: it's an expereince you get to participate in! Of course, we don't know exactly what happened, but The Great Universe Story Pageant* fires the imagination to wonder, wander, and rededicate ourselves to care, even, and especially—in today's world.

The Great Universe Story Pageant brings to life the fluid evolution of the universe—an extemporaneous tale of our times through story, song, game, theatrics, and craft. Whether the participants are a 6th grade science assembly, families at a nature park's Earth Day event, or a spiritual fellowship's retreat, people come away awed, educated, and more in love with our humanity and the Earth.

The Great Universe Story Pageant program can stand alone as an event, be the centerpiece in a larger venue, or be the finale for a day of experiential Grassy Games & Hikes that support its science- & humanities-based educational components. It is best enjoyed as a collaborative effort between Missy and the contracting organization. . . About 2 hours in length, from Big Bang to Big Foot (Print).

Please Contact Me for information, questions, and fees. I would love to talk.

Come, be part of the story—the Earth is still hiring!


*I did not create the Universe Story concept. Whether called the Epic of Evolution or The Great Universe Story Pageant, the move toward harmony between scientific and spiritual narratives fits our changing world. For information on the Universe Story concept, please see Wikipedia's “Epic of Evolution.”



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