Melissa A. Martin

doing EARTH BUSINESS as . . .

Earth Educator & Advocate

Photo Credit: Scott LiddellPollinator Advocacy

Wildlife Rehab Education

Sauvie Island Pollination Celebration

Find Jane Goodall!

Portland Outdoor School

METRO Eco-Blitz

Nature Artist & Author

Great NW Pollinator Puzzle

Ramah—Navajo Statue of Liberty Project

Beauty in the Wild

  • Finding the mirror
  • We placed for them in the forest,
  • The older girls startle with their beauty;
  • Everyone can see it: they can see it, too.
  • Set just so, soft faces shine seamless
  • With green leaves, sunlight in hair, smell of grasses.
  • Cricket sounds, too, become a part of how they look,
  • Part of how we all really look. Daubed with mud,
  • We mix together in water with dirt and laughter,
  • Swimming in deep pools of amber.
  • You and we, with the rest of the world,
  • The rest of the world playing, too—
  • Completing our beauty.

Our Children's Earth, Wild Girls Teen Camp, Portrero, NM